How and where are the pendants created?
    My husband is a graphic designer. We create each design, go through a special printing process, and then 3 other steps to create each pendant. Each one is created right here in New Jersey :)

Does your son really help?
 Absolutely :)) He signs our thank you card and packages each order. We then take a trip to the post office, where he (with our help) pays for the postage and sends them off to our customers. Throughout the process we are doing our best to teach him the value of real world responsibility and what it means to earn money.

What if I don't like my pendant?
 We are extremely confident that you will love your KoolCharm purchase. If you're not happy, we will replace it or quickly issue you a refund.

 Will my pendant, mug etc. wear well over time?
Yes. I have been wearing the 2 pendants I originally created more than 2 years ago and they look amazing. Our mugs will wash many hundreds of times and still look as vibrant as the day you received them. The t-shirts hold up extremely well also.

 What are the pendants made out of?
Each chain and pendant back are made out of sterling silver plated materials. There is cheaper out there, but I won't use them.

How can I contact you?

My name is Sharon, and I look forward to giving you the very best service I can provide. Please feel free to email me at You can also text me at 973-461-6633 with any questions for a quick reply. Thanks!